Access Imaging Corp.
600 Higgins Rd.- Lower One North
Park Ridge, IL   60068--5707
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Toll-Free: 866-685-0900
Telephone: 847-685-0900
Fax: 847-685-9445

"Providing Total Access To Copier, Fax & Printer Supplies" Access Imaging Corporation provides all of the Imaging Supplies for all makes and models of: Photocopiers Toner, Developer, Copy Ctgs, Imaging Units, Dry Imager, Drums Fax Machines Toner, Ink Jet Ink, Thermal Paper, Thermal Transfer Rolls & Ctgs Laser Printers Toner Ctgs, Developer, Drums, Photoconductors, Thermal Transfer Kits Ink Jet Printers Black Ink, Color Ink, Ink Refills Ribbon Printers Ribbon Ctgs, Wide Ribbons, Print Bands Computer Plotters Concentrates, Plotter Inks, Plotter Pens, Premix, Toners Micrographic Printers Toner, Concentrate, Developer, Dispersant, Premix, Thermal Transfer Printers Thermal Ribbons, Wax Ribbons & Wax Sticks. CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR NEEDS!

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Last Updated: 01/27/2003
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