Don Thompson's Service Seminars/GRC
20650 Prairie St
Chatsworth, CA   91311--6075
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Toll-Free: 800-423-5400
Telephone: 818-709-1234
Fax: 818-709-2041

About Us
Distinguished as leaders in developing and communicating laser printer technology by providing training and educational products since 1988. Don Thompson's team is respected for their quality hands-on laser and inkjet service seminars that range from printer theory troubleshooting to advanced repair techniques. Books published by the company are, The Field Guide to Deskjet Service, The Field Guide to Laser Printer Service, and Practical Laser Printer Module Repair. Instructional videos show basic repair and maintenance techniques on SX, NX, LX, EX, and WX printers. For more information, call 818-709-1234 Ext. 2538.

Business Type: Svc Training/Educational Mat'l
Year Founded: 1946

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